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Art MarketJapan received 1,324 visitors to the following image:

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Hikaru Hotta Super work!

16 Hours Ago

Miku Ishihara Fantastic!!

9 Hours Ago

Dominique Quirke I love this. :)

5 Hours Ago

Taiki Kaneda I Love it!!

3 Hours Ago

Jim Love received 47 likes on the following image:

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Dawn Currie Jim, Congratulations, your exceptional photographic artwork has been featured in our group, Artistic Photography! You are invited to archive it in the Featured Work Part II discussion thread for more visibility.

1 Day Ago

Geraldine Scull Beautifully composed an processed !~ l/f

1 Day Ago

Jeannine Walker Great capture, Jim! Love the tones!

1 Day Ago

Inessa Williams CONGRATULATIONS! Your amazing image was featured on the POSITIVE group Home page. Thank you very much for your great submission. Your Positive Administrator

12 Hours Ago

Belinda Greb received 38 favorites on the following image:

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Debby Pueschel Beautiful! FLG

1 Day Ago

Toni Abdnour Wow! What a wonderful capture! l/f

1 Day Ago

Jeannine Walker Great capture!

1 Day Ago

Sean Sweeney Beautiful Belinda! L/F

3 Hours Ago

Chris PrintsProject received 31 comments on the following image:

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Marv Vandehey Beautiful!

12 Hours Ago

Trudee Hunter Gorgeous water coloured abstract. L.F

8 Hours Ago

Jaroslav Buna Amazing work!

6 Hours Ago

Felipe Adan Lerma Lots of components of larger works stand alone well and this one definitely does, Chris! Suggestive interesting coloring! :) l/f!

5 Hours Ago