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Offering high qualiy fine art prints for your home or office.  I like to think I have a somewhat experimental view on capturing and creating exciting images for a variety of tastes.  Take a stroll through my gallery and you will see a variet of style and subjects.  Many of my prints are available to purchase.  I offer smaller sizes such as 8x10 and 11x14 in unlimited runs.  Larger sized prints are offered in limited quantities and will be signed and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Welcome to my Featured Gallery. This will be a rotating Gallery of my favorite work. Only the images in this Gallery will be offered in larger print sizes and will be sold in limited quantities with a signed certificate of authenticity. Of course the DThomas watermark will not be included on the purchased product. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite selections.

One of my favorite adventures is waterfall hunting. I love exploring new falls and revisiting old haunts as well. One amazing thing about waterfalls is how they can constantly be changing and presents a new look with every new visit. Here are some of my favorite waterfall images.

Welcome to my Americana Gallery. Americana is generally defined as any collection of materials and things concerning or characteristic of the United States or of the ; in its broadest sense, Americana is representative or even stereotypical of as a whole This is an eclectic gallery of images that I feel in one way or another fit this definition.

Welcome to my fun little project. For the next 52 weeks I plan to add one image each week to this gallery. The only rule is the image has to be captured during the week it represents. I hope we all can have fun with this one. I have attempted this before and never made it the full year. This year I have a better plan of attack. In the past I looked at this challenge of going places and finding something awesome every week. This time around I plan on finding the awesome in my own back yard.

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    One of my favorite adventures is waterfall hunting. I love exploring new falls and revisiting old […]
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