Week 1

Week 1

Birds learn how to fly, never knowing where flight will take them.  -Mark Nepo

I maybe fail at completing this particular challenge because I never have a goal behind it. So maybe setting goals should be step one on week one.

  • Grow and evolve my photography skills
  • Force myself to get out at least once a week to enjoy my passion
  • Entertain those that enjoy my images

Did week one hit any of those goals? I am not a bird watcher, nor am I a bird photographer. I have been looking at options on expanding my typical shooting and I thought shooting birds on occasion may be fun. My camera bag lacks a super telephoto that most in the area of bird photography carry. A good one can be quite pricey and not sure if that investment is worth it for me I opted for a cheaper option, a 2X extender. This was my 1st outing with the extender hooked to my 70 x 200mm lens. I found a few birds flying around at Huntington State Park SC and gave it a shot.

This may not be the best image of the day, but it was my favorite. Admittedly there were some blurry images. There was a total failure of a great opportunity of this guy catching a fish that was too blurry. I am learning and growing and maybe next time I wont miss that amazing shot. More importantly I am starting out hitting my goals.

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