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Hello, I am Daniel. I am an outdoor enthusiast that loves hiking, camping and photography. I am also a bit of a computer nerd. The two seam to be contradictory, but I have found a way to make my passions compliment one another.

My Journey:

When I was maybe around 12 my dad bought a Canon AE1.  Now for the younger folks that was a camera that took film, you got 24 pictures and had to wait a week for the results.  I picked up that camera adjusted the settings and took 24 of the worst photos you could imagine.  So I took my savings and bought film and kept trying.  Thirty plus years later I am still trying.  I love capturing images, I think I have learned a few things over the last thirty years.  I know the technology has changed and now I can take thousands of pictures with instant results.  Even though the resources seam limitless today I still shoot with the mentality that I want each image to count.  The darkroom has turned into lightroom and now I can get lost for hours at my computer screen just as easily as I do in a walk through nature.

Where DThomas Comes From:

I started working on sharing my images with the public around 2014.  I have had vendor booths at a few events with a little success with that.  I was getting nice feedback from those who saw my work, so In 2016 i started my DThomas Photography website.  The name comes from my name, Daniel Thomas Houghton.  I dropped the Houghton and shortened Daniel to D.  I left Thomas to honor my father who unknowingly started me on this journey.

My Style:

Most of the images you will see in my galleries are nature and landscape.  I love waterfalls and I have spent quite a bit of time chasing them.  Most of my images are vibrant with strong detail.  Many of my images come from my home state of West Virginia and my adopted state of South Carolina, but I do have images from all over.

My Gear:

I get asked often about what gear I use. My main camera body is a Canon 5D MK IV. I also shoot with a Canon 7D. For Time lapse images I use a cheaper Canon Rebel T1i as well as a DJI pocket. I also utilize a DJI Mavic Pro for areal photography. I have a wide array of Canon lenses as well. There is a large of assortment of other tools I utilize such as filters, tripods, and Camera Bags. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss gear. I always love a chance to geek out over photography and videography gear.

Where I Am Today:

Being a photographer is a passion it is not my 9-5 job.  I spend my weekdays working for a software company as a senior customer support tech.  I help people with various issues all day, sometimes I do training or get to go onsite to assist a customer and I love that as well. 

Now that you know a little about me go check out my galleries and you can learn more about me and my adventures on my blog.  Don’t forget to follow me on your favorite social media site and say hello, I would love to hear from you.

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