D. Thomas Gallery features the best images from D. Thomas Photography.  D. Thomas Photography is a West Virginia based fine Art Photographer.   Sit back and relax as you browse the galleries, read my blog, or learn more about me.  Comments and sharing of my work is always welcome.  I can be contacted directly at danh@dthomasgallery.com for more information or to answer any questions.

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  • Week 12 of 52
    This image was many hours in the making…kind of. I was making the trek back…
  • Week 11 of 52
    I was so blessed to catch this magnificent sunset. The sun was close to setting…
  • Week 10 of 52
    Temperatures in the 70’s got me feeling ready for an adventure. Saturday I took a…
  • Week 9 of 52
    This weekend I traveled to Helvetia, WV to join in on the celebration of Fasnacht….
  • Week 8 of 52
    I ended up in Devola, OH looking for an image. There was no plan, there…
  • Week 7 of 52
    This weeks lesson is back up plans. It was a decent day out and everyone…
  • Week 6 of 52
    We have crossed into February. This week I found myself back at Fort Boreman Park….
  • Week 5 of 52
    January is always a hectic month for me work wise. With crappy weather, a busy…
  • Week 4 of 52
    Week four is winter wonderland week. We had our 1st significant snow of the year….
  • Week 3 of 52
    This week I took a journey through Wayne National Forest in Ohio on the covered…
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