Week 42 of 42

Week 42 of 42

I headed to coopers rock for some fall shots, however I turned around almost immediately due to the vast number of tourists. I find a quiet little pond nearby and find some images to make. Life is still complicated, but I am proud of myself for making more of an effort. Maybe I can make my way thru this.

But… If you notice the heading of this post is week 42 of 42. This was the last image I captured in 2022. I didn’t mean to quit, but I did. I have contemplated how to end this 52 week project blog and I dont have a good answer. I maybe have over shared or maybe under shared. October and the Start of November where very Difficult months for me. I was in a fairly depressed state. I had made major changes to my life. Left the woman I had been with for the last 15 years. Moved a couple hours away from my previous home and everything I did seemed to be the wrong choice. I got some meds, I talked to some people. I am doing so much better now.

I had considered making a big I failed post, but as I type this I realize it wasn’t a fail. Sure I may be 10 weeks short of my 52, however, I have grown and made many changes to improve myself. I still have rough days, I still occasional question myself, but I am happy and finding that is no fail.

Thank you for following my journey. I am sorry it took so long to finish posting my progress, but for whatever reason I wasn’t ready until today.

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